Monday, August 07, 2006

The real reason Israel attacked in Lebanon...

...might be a grab for water resources. Then again, it might simply be that Israel's post-Sharon leadership took umbrage at an insult to their manhood.

While we're on the subject, the Financial Times tackles the matter of how Israel's airstrikes have taken out one factory after another. Buried in the story is this tidbit that caught my eye: "Proctor and Gamble’s warehouse in Beirut was bombed with damage to stores estimated at $20m." A Google News search reveals this bombing happened more than two weeks ago, and the warehouse was full of "canned goods, soap, and shampoo." But unanswered in any of the media accounts are these questions:

  1. Did the Israeli military claim the warehouse had some connection, however tenuous, to Hezbollah (Israel's usual justification for bombing such sites?)
  2. Has anyone accused Proctor and Gamble of actively supplying Hezbollah?
  3. If not, is Proctor and Gamble suing the Israeli Defense Force for compensation?

Just asking.

To wrap up these assorted thoughts on Lebanon, I pass along this claim that the U.S. and Israeli military are working together to pick out sites for attacks by American cruise missiles -- presumably in Syria, or maybe even Iran. Not sure how credible this is, but I throw it out there for what it's worth. (Thanks to Kev Hall via the Lew Rockwell blog.)


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