Wednesday, August 09, 2006

India-Pakistan nuke watch

Nothing would disrupt markets like a nuclear war between perennial enemies India and Pakistan. So my radar perked up when I read this:

In a country widely referred to as the world’s largest democracy, the Indian government has succumbed to mounting Israeli pressure and ordered a nationwide ban on the broadcast of Arab television channels...It seems the ban is a move to ensure that Indians do not get to see the atrocities that are presently being committed by Israel in Lebanon and the occupied territories.

No one in the Indian government will confirm this is the case. But India's population is 13% Muslim, so the mindset of the government might be as follows: If the Arab satellite channels were available, Indian Muslims might be stirred to outrage on behalf of fellow Muslims in the Holy Land, and that in turn might stir up sympathy for the cause of separatists in Kashmir -- India's only Muslim-majority state -- which Pakistan would then try to exploit in the two countries' decades-long fight over that territory.

It's a plausible scenario, at least. Stay tuned.


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