Sunday, August 06, 2006

About Cuba, Fidel, and oil

Few of us will shed a tear at the eventual passing of Fidel Castro. But columnist Georgie Anne Geyer gives us pause about what comes next from the standpoint of Team Bush:

Obviously, they see a long-suffering people yearning for freedom, for American tutelage, to be just like the "americanos."...Sort of like our original ideas about Iraq, only now in the tropics, close by and so much easier to get to!

But this is NOT Cuba today -- and, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Cubans have over the years chosen the danger of leaving for the United States, it will not be the post-Fidel Cuba. This will be a Cuba of sullen, frightened people; of people who have known only one leader for 47 years and who have submitted to him; of people who will feel both guilt at that submission and some fleeting joy, but who will not know where to go next; of people who will rightfully fear that the Miami Cubans will come back and reclaim their old property; of people who have to be de-ideologized from Fidel before they can become something else.

I'm not sure what's more scary -- how Cubans react to Fidel's passing, or how Team Bush reacts -- especially when you consider Cuba's newfound oil and gas action.


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