Wednesday, August 16, 2006

$200-a-barrel oil postponed (continued)

With Israel and Hezbollah having fought to a draw, Pat Buchanan says Washington will draw pretty much one conclusion about where to go from here.

What comes next? That is obvious.

With our War Party discredited by the failed policies it cheered on in Lebanon and Iraq, there will come a clamor that Bush must "go to the source" of all our difficulty – Iran. Only thus can the War Party redeem itself for having pushed us and Israel into two unnecessary and ruinous wars. And the drumbeat for war on Iran has already begun.

"(T)he dangers continue to mount abroad," wails The Weekly Standard in its lead editorial. "How Bush deals with Ahmadinejad's terror-supporting and nuclear-weapons pursuing Iran will be the test" of his administration. Yes, the supreme test.

Bush is on notice from the neocons and War Party that have all but destroyed his presidency: Either you take down Iran, Mr. Bush, or you are a failed president.
Take the War Party's go-for-broke mentality, and a late-term president mindful of his "legacy," and $200-a-barrel oil becomes a distinct possibility.


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